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Mid-West Korean Traditional Artists Association

4th Annual Performance


June 14, 2007 Thursday 8:00 PM
Northside College Prep High School

Korea Times of Chicago - June 9, 2007 "Town and People" Section

Korea Times June 9, 2007

Photo: Myung Joo Kim, Kim Myung Joo Dance Company

"Traditional Dance is performed with Breathing"
Dance Performance in Chicago by Myung Joo Kim

"The essence of the Korean traditional dance is in 'breathing'.
. . .Like the fast inhalation accompanis fast exhalation and slow inhalation accompanies slow exhalation,
Korean Dance's slow or fast movements are based on the these slow or fast breathing.  . . ."

Reporter: Myung Whan Rhim, Korea Times of Chicago


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updated: June 4, 2007


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