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Cultural Events
In Celebration of
“Korean American Day”
(Open to Public, free of charge)

Art Exhibition

1/8/07 - 1/26/07 at Skokie Public Library & Richard J. Daley Civic Center


Korean American Day Celebration


Harry Ahn & Stephanie Baik

Huang sook cho & Mi Kang Choi

Sun H Choi & Jane B. Kang

Eun Young Kim & Ju Sung Kim

Kyung Ja Kim & Mi-Yeon Kwon

Moon J. Kim & Chang-yeol Lee

Jung Eun Lee & Chunga Lim

Soonboe Lee & Jin Moon

In Jung Oh & Young-Ja Yi

Chsrline Song

Proclaim Jan 13, 2007 as Korean American Day - State of Illinois


Exibition Schedule


Exhibition Brochure provided by Chicago Korean American Art Association

Korean American Day Cultural Events - Contact: Jin Lee, Director, Keumsil Cultural Society (773) 319-1500


Northeastern Illniois University
Sejong Cultural Society

Seal of State of IL
Office of the Governor - Asian Affairs
City of Chicago Mayor's Office
White House Initiative
The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Skokie Public Library
Institute of Korean Traditional Cuisine
Chicago Korean American Art Association
Lee & Kim Hanbok Gallery Logo
Lee & Kim Hanbok Gallery

Korean American Women's Association of Chicago

시카고 한인 여성회

Illinois Humnanities Council


Cultural Events In Celebration of   “Korean American Day”


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