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Live Recording of an Educational Outreach Program
of the Music of the Baroque joined by Music Institute of Chicago

May 17, 2007 at Kelvyn Highs School, Chicago, IL

Video Clip

Part of the Educational Outreach Program
of the Music of the Baroque joined by Music Institute of Chicago

May 17, 2007

Kelvyn Park High School,

Outreach Program
directed by Edward Zelnis
Chorus Director, Music of the Baroque

Elliott M. Golub
Concertmaster Emeritus

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Breval Duo & Gliere
Herah Kim, violin & Gabriel Cabezas, violoncello
Students of Music Institute of Chicago

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Music of The Baroque

Music of the Baroque conducts Educational Outreach to supplement music education programs at several Chicago high schools.

Focused on high school students interested in musical study who lack the resources to pursue their aspirations, the program combines individual and group vocal instruction by Music of the Baroque chorus members with exposure to high-quality musical performances.

Outreach teachers work with partner Chicago public high school chorus directors to coordinate a range of activities including private bi-weekly voice lessons, small group vocal instruction and choral coaching, master classes and in-school lecture/concerts. All activities, as well as teaching materials developed and produced by Music of the Baroque, are offered at no cost to students.

ZelnisChorus Director Edward Zelnis, an accomplished singer, accompanist, vocal coach and conductor, directs Music of the Baroque’s Educational Outreach Program, coordinating scheduling and serving as program liaison to outreach teachers and partner school music faculty. Outreach teachers are all members of the Music of the Baroque chorus.

Students learn proper technique, enhance their performance skills and increase their familiarity with classical repertoire. Students also report increased self-confidence and strengthened language and memorization skills as a result of work with outreach teachers, who act as role models for promising singers.

Music of the Baroque currently offers a range of program activities at five partner schools—Hubbard High School, Kelvyn Park High School, Roberto Clemente High School, Douglass Academy High School and Simeon Career Academy. (in Chicago).


Music Institute of ChicagoThrough its broad program offerings and multiple locations, the Music Institute of Chicago provides students of all ages with the highest quality music education. Its outstanding faculty and exciting programs made MIC a nationally recognized community music school.

MIC also provides educational outreach program to various schools in Chicago area.




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